UBS CEO Ermotti calls blockchain “must-have” for companies and banks

HOME TECH BLOCKCHAIN UBS-CEO ERMOTTI CALLS BLOCKCHAIN “MUST-HAVE” FOR COMPANIES AND BANKS Sergio Ermotti, Managing Director of the Swiss banking giant UBS, thinks a lot of the Blockchain. In an interview with the US news channel CNBC, he predicts a bright future for distributed ledger technologies this week, especially in the financial sector. For banks […]

The new concepts must become more suitable for everyday use

What would you see as the biggest current challenges of the Lightning Network and the most interesting current solutions? The biggest challenge is currently the implementation of the many new concepts that further improve the current early beta version of the Lightning Network and make it “more suitable for everyday use”. The Lightning Network is […]

John Key: crypto trader never wants to have invested in Bitcoin

New Zealand’s former prime minister, John Key, is currently getting fired up over the distribution of fake news about alleged Bitcoin investments he is said to have made. Key foams at the New Zealand Herald (NZH) because Facebook has not yet complied with his request to delete these false statements. Bitcoin’s ability to transform payments […]

The Gold Rush of the Blockchain Hackathons

Hackathons and incubators, which were originally reserved for up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs, are now opening their doors to blockchain projects. Bitcoin and Blockchain fanboy market and the news spy Of course, the blockchain sector is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, the advent of blockchain hackathons and startup incubators has brought about a major change in the […]

Network effects on a Bitcoin loophole

There are some more or less successful Bitcoin and Blockchain startups that continue to participate in hackathons or have connected accelerators. The Bitfury Group, a company providing blockchain services, has raised $90 million in capital for Bitcoin Mining Services. With this money they were able to set up their own accelerator, the Blockchain Trust Accelerator. […]

Marshall Islands Decide Own Crypto Currency “Sovereign”

The government of the Marshall Islands wants to introduce its own crypto currency, the “Sovereign”. This was published this week by the government of the dwarf state via social media. A bill to this effect was passed on Monday, so that the way is now clear for the island currency. After Turkey and Iran, the […]

Difficulties with the software

As a general rule, anyone who makes an impression on hackathons can open further doors. Tseng took part in an Ernst & Young Startup Challenge, a six-week program that focused on blockchain applications this year. There he and his team won the award for the company with the “greatest investment potential”. This is particularly exciting […]